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Like on google search console, I'd like to "inform" bing that my site domain has changed. I found nothing on the web but this dead link:

May be there is no more tool for that in Webmaster Tools ?


Thanks !


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Hi @Astrakan, Bing Webmaster is still very much up and running. For help, you can visit Help Center - Bing Webmaster Tools and check out the FAQs. 


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Hi @Alyxe, I am facing the same problem as the original poster. Bing has recently removed the Site Move Tool from Webmaster Tools and there doesn't appear to be any documentation anywhere on what to do instead, specifically, how to update domains for sites already added to Webmaster Tools. Please provide guidance.

Hi @kelliott_nicejob, thanks for letting me know! For support with this issue please visit our Webmaster Support Site to report this issue to our Webmaster support team through email. If they don't get back to you in 3-5 business days please let me know. 


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@Astrakan Did you find any answer to this, or does the tool just not exist anymore?


Well, only the robot's answer...


Hey @Astrakan and @John-S4, I touched base with my team earlier this week. They suggested the best course for resolution to anyone who's experiencing this would be to contact support.


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Hi @Alyxe crazy there seems to be no resolution to this, Google make it so pleasant and easy to submit a domain move. Bing's solution seems to have vanished? I've found the same issue as the other respondents to this post, just that dead 404 link - that is linked to still from various Bing support blog posts.


If it's been reported and any answer has been found - even if it's that Bing just doesn't offer the tool anymore - it would be helpful if they were to detail an answer listed on this thread?


Many thanks

@Alyxe when reading generic nonsense like this I'm finding it very hard to "Be positive, kind, and courteous" or whatever it says in your community guidelines. Please read back what you've written and tell me how does it answer the OP and how is it supposed to be helpful in any way? Maybe if you don't have anything useful to say, it's better not to say anything at all??? Rather than admitting that Bing has taken down yet another useful tool for webmasters, you simply try to redirect us to an FAQ page that does not answer the question that the OP asked.