Discovered but not crawled - URL cannot appear on Bing, It's been more than a year

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My site discovered on 19 Jan 2021 by bing and first 6 month I have no problem. But suddently it's dropped completely, when I checked I got notification that it's Discovered but not crawled - URL cannot appear on Bing from inspection tool.


So i left it a year and re check again today, and it's still not indexed, Need help to anyone who have solution for this.


My site is: (site link removed by moderator)


Thank you


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Have no problem with other SE, but bing. I just checked again and still no result, also attaching screenshot from webmaster inspect tool

(site link removed by moderator)
(site link removed by moderator)

@ktsnnet Hello! Thanks for your question. I am a community manager here and noted that you've shared external links, which isn't allowed as per our code of conduct (to keep the community free of spam and self-promotion), so we have removed them. (Please note, I have no connection with the Bing product team and have no way to answer this particular question.)


While we understand you are frustrated by this, the folks who are best suited to answer this question are at webmaster support: