De indexed my website from Bing search results

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I am really very confused what went wrong or what policy I have violated.

My website (link removed by moderator) completely removed from bing search.

3 days ago everything was fine but yesterday all post has been removed .
Please Please help me. I will really appreciate your help.

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As a heads-up, we don't allow external links/ads here, so we've removed the link in your original post. Sorry for the hassle. We recommend you reach out to Bing webmaster support about issues like this:
Which types of external links you don't allow??

@SEOBallia Hello! Thanks for your question.

In our code of conduct, which you agreed to when signing up for the Microsoft Tech Community, we state: "We aim to make the Microsoft Tech community a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to join and engage in. To help us achieve this aim we need to ask you not to post links to content not owned or controlled by Microsoft, its suppliers, or vendors."


We have noticed a number of posts similar to yours, asking the same question "Why is my website de-listed by Bing?" and linking to an external website, meaning non-Microsoft - while I'm sure some of these may be legitimate questions, some are clearly doing so purely for backlinks to promote their websites (given your screen name relating to SEO, I'm sure you are familiar with this practice) - which we do not allow. 


So given the rules of our site, we would allow the question more generally, "Hello, I'm having trouble with Bing de-indexing my site. Does anyone have any tips on getting Bing to index sites again, or what are some possible issues I may need to fix?"


Or you could even add to this, "Please private message me through Tech Community and I'll be happy to share the link to the site I'm having an issue with." (This would refer to sending you a private message on the Tech Community site - not posting your personal email address or website.) 


But we would not allow, "My site has been delisted from Bing. Can you help?"


Additionally, while the Bing product team does have a presence here, this is not a support site, so the best place to go with this question would be Bing webmaster support. 


I hope this answers your question.


(Disclaimer: I do not work for the Bing team nor can I answer any questions about your site being de-listed from Bing. I am a community manager here on Tech Community and help enforce the rules of that site to ensure a positive user experience.)