Bring dark mode to

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Bring dark mode to, I love it.

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Nice method to fix.

@NinjaSquid It's possible to force dark mode only on bing? That forced dark mode ruins the experience in a lot of websites...

@NinjaSquid Going crazy trying to set dark mode for Salesforce and Bing. Now, all the sites I use are in Dark Mode! Thank you for this!!  edge://flags/#enable-force-dark

Still nothing and people just keep posting the same crap over and over again. We don't want every site to be dark. We want Bing to have a dark mode.
but I'm not getting it... I guess what you show is fake
yes we need it
we can do it in flags or extensions, but these are not specifically designed for bing, so it didn't look very well like, the bing chat is not in dark mode, the top background is not visible etc.
It's available now!!

But guess what... I don't use Bing anymore :(