Bring dark mode to

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Bring dark mode to, I love it.

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I am loving it !!!
I'd love it!

Would be great!

@Shompinice I've been using Dark Mode on Microsoft Edge and I love it! You can enable Dark Mode by Selecting the "..." menu>Settings>Apperance>Dark Mode. Did you see we've released Dark Mode on the Bing Mobile app?


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@Alyxe No,not Bing app,I mean…… we are talking about, The Website,not bing app,not Microsoft Edge dark mode.

Yes, the bing desktop version must have dark mode too :)

@Shompinice go to edge://flags on the microsoft edge browser and then search dark mode and enable "force dark mode" it will force dark mode on any site automatically no extensions required.

Yes me too!
any news on this (since the mobile version of the website for mobile have it i don't understand why the desktop version don't have it).

@Wittycat @Shompinice - I found @NinjaSquid's reply about going into edge://flags to be a temporary solution to what I was looking for,  Please let us know if that works for you and will meet your needs until Bing (and, and other sites) natively support dark mode regardless of browser.

Oh gods yes a dark mode is very much needed. This blinding white light is ruining my eyes. And i hear is getting a dark mode very soon.
Yes, how is this still no a thing. We have dark mode on many other services, but not one of the most important ones which is bing. I'm using DuckDuckGo for now.
Whelp just launched their dark mode. And it's beautiful. Time to switch search engines.

@Sin_Shadow_Fox yea but chrome only I’m pretty sure so that’s a no.

Nope I'm on firefox.
can't believe it's still not there. Present in Google :(
My eye hurts.


Bing has Dark mode now :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:



@HotCakeXBing's new "dark mode"


 Yeah keep trying.

The OP is asking about specifically for actual desktop and workstation users.
We are all aware about, and very happy with Dark Mode from the mobile app.
I have been searching for this answer for several hours and constantly see community managers closing threads with bing mobile solutions. This is very tiring.

The community needs your help, to migrate away from Google. Please try to read and understand the questions before posting.

Thank-you for your reply.