Blocked URL Cannot Appear On Bing

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Since February 25, my site's organic traffic from Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia has plummeted. I only made one change to my site template (adding the original published date to the appearance on posts), and I'm not sure if this is related to the issues with rankings or the cause of it.


I have been using IndexNow plugin for 5+ months without issue. However, when I attempt to look up new URLs that I recently published, I get errors from Bing Webmaster Tools saying "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues preventing us from serving it to our users. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines." It shows "Blocked URL Cannot Appear On Bing."


Does anyone know what could be causing the issue? My content is original, my images are original, and anything that comes from external sources is linked and cited properly. I'm also passing PageSpeed Insights with flying colors and there are no broken links. I reached out to Bing Support as well to uncover the problem--waiting to hear back from them.

Please let me know your thoughts. Here is my site:

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Please sign in with your account at the Bing Webmaster site and ask them for support. They should be aware of why their tools don't like your site.
Check out for all things Bing Support related.