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I noticed that Bing has a fantastic timeline feature. I saw that the information is taken from Wikipedia. I then tried to update the Wikipedia information, but the information on Bing's timeline is not yet up to date. Will this information be updated? Thank you for your support.


This is a famous person's page. I updated the Wikipedia page, but on Bing, the Timeline has not been updated:

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Hi Tommy, I don't' think every single wiki page with a timeline works at the moment.


Titanic Timeline - Bing


It seems that only timelines with a picture on each one works at the moment but I Dont' know for sure.


I love the feature though!!



Also @Alyxe may you please let the devs know that the tech community has issues posting from Edge 88? "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied." 

You could press the send feeback and highlight that and suggest/disklike/like it and comment of cours
Sorry to spam the thread but you may need to put a different search terms according to this 2014 there is a bing algroithm./



Thank you for your answer. You misunderstood. I mean this Timeline in the screenshot, which is different from the one you linked. In the Timeline I mean the data is taken from Wikipedia, but it is not updated, despite the fact that I have updated the Wikipedia page.

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Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Maybe wait for a while since Wiki is a open source and bing may be doing a ai check on the data or wiki is making sure that there isn't any fake edits. It may take time for the bing servers to catch that data

May you please screenshot the timeline in the wiki so I can see what is not there?

You should also press the suggest feedback on that wiki flyout and press dislike the issue.

@TommyDordo have you looked at this link>

Sorry if that didn't make sense, it dosent' seem wiki has a timeline system but bing is using ai to create a timeline from the data, so it will take time.

IT isn't magic.


Thank you.

This is all the information that should be included in the timeline:


I see, yeah since it is all in text form I think Bing is crawling and scanning the pages to create a timeline out of all the data since wiki dosent' have a timeline feature.

Hope it works :)

Btw, the screenshot works now