Bing deindexed our site, all the content is genuine and site is ranking god in Google

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my site ( currently deindexed in bing search. Though the site crawled regularly

But regular searches have no result even if we search for "" this happened somewhere in November 2021, since then I tried contacting the support team about 5-6 times, after waiting around 6-7 days I get the same messages about policies and things to remove. Can Someone please tell me what I should do, because I built the website and working for almost 6 years now, It takes a lot of effort and suddenly we see Bing deindex our site -- a hard slap to our face, we don't know what to do as we are hopeless by now. Leaving this thread here and waiting for a miracle to happen.


If is there any bing webmaster team person here please help me. i raised a ticket in bing webmaster forum but did not get a reply from them.

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