Bing de-indexed our site from search. Site Ranking Good in Google and All Content are genuine.

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Our Site currently not showing in bing search. Though site crawled regularly and image search showing result. 

But regular search have no result even if we search for ""


Our website was ranked extremely well in Bing when it was indexed and similarly we are currently ranking extremely good in Google too. 

All Our content and image manually collected and organized and written by us. 

We are really surprised why bing  gave us penalty.


We have two other domain and to prevent our brand misuse and we had started to develop our website for internal purpose using that two domain and we strictly mentioned through robots.txt not to crawl. 

despite that bing crawled and indexed those two website and it was ranked also good in bing. 

We are forced to remove all result manually from bing as soon we noticed duplicate site result. 

We never asked bing to crawl and index or anything to do that duplicate domain. and it completely ignore robots.txt. 

But suddenly in november end bing entirely removed our main website from its search. 


Development site ranks 2 despite no index declaration.


Please bing clarify what we did wrong and help us to be in your search result. 

If we violates and used any technique which is against your policy , guide us we will definitely take action.


We have send almost 5 email starting from November end. But no reply still now.

Its urgent as many client and business owner complaining that they are unable to find our website in and it jeopardize our effort. 



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I have a total of 5 domains blocked, there are 2 of them just in html and one of them has not been updated since 2013, there are no plugins at all - the bare html. What is the reason myself I do not understand, but I removed everything and wrote them.


I hope you get an answer today!

181 views in this space is a lot!

The problem concerns many people so I am also waiting for a solution!

I don't think they're going to answer today. Even if they do and re-index it, it won't be the same. Bing has a peculiarity it likes the history of the domain, and what happened is already history m not for the better for bing and the domain. There is only left to google or a new domain.
Our main concern not about Bing traffic, but at least customer should find our website when search with our business name . Most windows computer have Bing as default search engine and when user not finding our brand name they are really confused and asking us reason everyday.


Of course, MTC is not Microsoft technical support, but often the responses of the Community or Microsoft employees help!
The topic is interesting and relevant - removing a domain from Bing indexing is a really serious matter and there should be a clear procedure in such circumstances!

I agree, but it's not the same traffic as Google. Bing is ranked number 4. I told my spouse that Bing kicked us out and she said what is that? She knows Baidu and Bing doesn't ((
I read somewhere that Bing had a similar situation last year when they dropped a lot of domains from search in random order. Some people were told that the design didn't fit, nonsense. I have now removed everything and left only the "Title" and if there is an answer that the design does not fit, then you can close the subject with bing


I have an idea to convince 60% of users to Edge to make it their default browser - I can not convince my friends!
I like Edge - and I want it to be easy to use! 

But it requires respect from Microsoft.

and Bing so I want to clarify this matter - this discussion is very much needed!!

Thank you for this topic. 

5bestincity - You are at the top of Google, if you are not already registered in Google My Business, there will be more information about you with and a bonus DoFollow link from an authoritative site. Desirable.
We only focus on page seo and content in our website, we don't do any off page seo and generated any backlinks toward our website. Because our belief is that content is king.

Our business don't have any single location that's why we are not registered as Google My Business but parent company Velarudh Infotech ofcourse registered in GMB.

Google rewards us with excellent ranking but bing still lack much behind in this.


You are here to clarify this - you want to fix it for me it is obvious!
I'm very curious about the Community Manager's response.


We are eagerly waiting for Community Manager's response and also we really want to understand what's wrong with our website.


Thanks Once again for your support. 

I don't think we're going to get any clearer. Most likely they don't know how it happened. I have 5 domains - blocked in bing, 2 of them are registered to a partner and are on a different server and different content, the bare html has not been updated since 2013 and no illegal SEO on any site and selling links and buying too.


Perhaps the reason for the error is the automatic Bing algorithm that skips some pages?

This would explain the accidental (for no reason) skipping during the search.  



Hello! I"m sorry you haven't received a response, but that doesn't mean you should post in a place that isn't meant for your topic of discussion.

I'll move this conversation into your previous post in the Bing forum. You may want to reach out to as well, if you haven't done so.

@Eric Starker Helo Eric , I understand that we should follow the forum meant for. 

But can you please help us - even after sending numerous email and posting in this forum failed to get a response from Microsoft.  many old forum member complaining of getting no response from Bing team , Its really frustrating.  At least you as a forum moderator must pass this issues to concerned team. 


Thanks in advance. 

Have you checked out Microsoft Answers:

I believe you may be confusing this site with Answers, which is a discussion forum meant for support questions such as this one, directed specifically at Microsoft rather than asking the opinion of community members.

You can also try the support resources at this link:

If you go through support channels such as the one linked above, they will be able to help you. 

@Eric Starker Hi

This problem is repetitive, recently there are many queries related to the lack of indexing of Sites about this example, They remain unsolved!

Zrzut ekranu 2022-01-18 201723.jpg  

@Eric Starker As @Deleted  told , this problem not only faced by us alone, we have came across numerous post and analysis all whether if anyhow we by mistake did something wrong. 


But even after our multiple effort we can't identify single cause other than probable issues which we already described and it was not our fault as we knew bing crawler must obey robots.txt which is meant for that for that purpose. 


Ignoring issues will not fulfil the goal of this forum. Many more webmaster watching this kind of thread in this forum. 

Pls help to solve the issues.  

We are eagerly waiting for a positive response.

@Webmaster_5Bestincity While I understand you are frustrated, I do not represent the Bing team and I can't help you any further in this instance. I have shared with you the support resources that exist that I hoped might help you. I do hope you get a response soon.