Bing de-indexed our site from search. Site Ranking Good in Google and All Content are genuine.

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Our Site currently not showing in bing search. Though site crawled regularly and image search showing result. 

But regular search have no result even if we search for ""


Our website was ranked extremely well in Bing when it was indexed and similarly we are currently ranking extremely good in Google too. 

All Our content and image manually collected and organized and written by us. 

We are really surprised why bing  gave us penalty.


We have two other domain and to prevent our brand misuse and we had started to develop our website for internal purpose using that two domain and we strictly mentioned through robots.txt not to crawl. 

despite that bing crawled and indexed those two website and it was ranked also good in bing. 

We are forced to remove all result manually from bing as soon we noticed duplicate site result. 

We never asked bing to crawl and index or anything to do that duplicate domain. and it completely ignore robots.txt. 

But suddenly in november end bing entirely removed our main website from its search. 


Development site ranks 2 despite no index declaration.


Please bing clarify what we did wrong and help us to be in your search result. 

If we violates and used any technique which is against your policy , guide us we will definitely take action.


We have send almost 5 email starting from November end. But no reply still now.

Its urgent as many client and business owner complaining that they are unable to find our website in and it jeopardize our effort. 



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Thanks Bro. You as a community manager unable to solve this then I must say I should quit any hope for solving this issues. Already Send multiple email for last 2 months - no response. Posting in forum no response.
Thanks anyhow @Eric. Hv a nice day.


Thank you for your reply.

The publication of this thread is already a big step forward.

I know that the matter is important and requires commitment, often MTC is very helpful, Thank you for your support!

The answer is the same, although I removed all the plugins and left only the title

Please review our Webmaster Guidelines, especially the section Things to Avoid, and thoroughly check your site for any deliberately or accidentally employed SEO techniques that may have adversely affected your standing in Bing and Bing-powered search results. Post complying with the webmaster guidelines you can submit your URL using URL Submission feature to get them recrawled.
I think the problem is not in the plugins that's for sure, there is almost no text on the site.
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Bing have started indexing our site from yesterday , I guess.
Few days ago, we received a reply from bing webmaster team that our site still violates bing webmaster policy , and we should submit once it complies. We send a reply that we were unable to identify the issues and shared that users searching for us in bing.

Screenshot 2022-02-03 223441.png



We didn't changed anything or submitted any url , but it automatically have started indexing our site. 

I guess bing follow some social signal and also brand search volume.


Still many url not indexed , but indexed url getting rank as before I guess. 


Anyways problem solved. :)


I'm glad this has been fixed, and that you've come back to confirm it!
Please - get involved in MTC - it's worth being helpful!

Sure we will.
Thanks Andrzej1 for your support and help. Its really our pleasure to find such supportive forum member .
Bye hv a nice day.

@Webmaster_5Bestincity I Am also facing same issue for my site growncares. I am new and don't know how to fix that.

Hi webmaster,
I have same problem with my site. 

Please help me.

@Webmaster_5Bestincity Glad the issue has been resolved!

As a heads up for anyone responding in the comments, for Bing webmaster support, go 



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Google indexed all of my pages whilst Bing doesn't want to. Why?

Also, two other websites of mine got indexed easily. What can be the issue?

@Voytekian Did you mean to tag me here? If you're just responding to the thread more generally, it's possible someone else may have some insight, but as for myself, I am a community manager here and not a product expert. Sorry about that.


For official Microsoft support around these issues, we recommend you go to the official support page:

We have the same situation with our website.

After a few years of operation, the Bing search results disappeared by the end of 2021.
A few weeks ago, the website started to appear on the Bing search results again. We have requested from the Bing support team an explanation to avoid such issues in the future, but we could not get a reply.

However yesterday the website complete disappeared again from search results. This is a very weird behavior, and for the moment we did not get the cause.

All data its original, some coming from the original brand manufacturers. We did not identify any issue as per Bing guidelines.

Please post here and share any information or development you may have, regarding these kinds of situations because we are trying to understand the root cause of this issue with Bing search engine.


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