Bing Chat Error: "Something went wrong. Refresh"

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Hi there!
Bing chat always shows 'Something went wrong' error.

It accounts depended since I got this error on any device (Edge + Win11, Bing for iOS etc).

It worked before, but now for couple of days it only show error message.
So, an account was eligible to try chat.

Chat interface got updated with options, but any text or voice request is not working.
Interesting that the 'Feedback' button doesn't work too. 

Bing Community, I need your help :)


UPD: After fresh re-login, error message is changed on chat (attached image)
"Sorry, looks like you no longer have access to this feature. Please check again in a few days."


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Hello @Kpyto,

I am facing the exact same problem from the last 4-5 days. I have done every solution under the sky- but Bing Chat just does not work. 


I would request you to please let me know if Bing Chat starts working for you, or you find any solution/workarounds. Thanks a lot!

I am also having this error.
Also I noticed that this link ( ) showup an error:
{"result":{"value":"Forbidden","message":"Sorry, you are not allowed to access this service."}}

I have the same problem. Request URL: returns: {"result":{"value":"Forbidden","message":"Sorry, you are not allowed to access this service."}}