Bing changing URLs from upper to lower case

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Recently I've been notice the number of my Indexed URLs going down. I've requested them to be indexed but to no avail. I finally realised that Bing is changing them from upper case e.g. https://www...../Page1.html to https://www..../page1.html leading to 404 error and fewer of my pages being indexed.


I've also noticed that some of the URL are not only being changed to lower case but also the ''.'' is missing from the URL e.g. https://www.....page1html


I've used a 301 to redirect some key pages but we have over 400 pages. Surely I don't have to redirect all of them?


Anyone else had this problem?

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We used the ID in the website URL to figure out the correct URL and redirect. It looks like you have a numeric id in your page URL that you could use as well.


Because of this experience, I recommend that the canonical version of URLs always be all lowercase. I don't recommend using mixed case URLs because there are so many badly programmed crawlers.

 If you request a butchered URL with the id still intact, you will get a redirect to the Homepage. You can test this by fetching the following URL for this question


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