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Is this a feature that is in testing or not in testing. 


Since I really love it. 



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@Deleted IDK which way you posted these screenshots, but I thought I should let you know that two of them are not showing up- the 2nd and the 3rd from top to bottom.

*Please see below what the two screenshots look like on my end:

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 8.40.39 AM.png


Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 8.40.22 AM.png


Otherwise, the other three came out perfectly. =^o^=

How do I fix that? I used the picture one with uploading
@Deleted I don't think it is in testing.
I saw it a month ago and it shoh wed the new bing icon. Hmmm, I really want this feature thoug
@Deleted Me too ;)
Cool!! It would be a great resource for teachers and students. The old wiki style is horrible.

@Deleted Ooo! Looks like you found one of the features we're testing right now! These answer cards are pretty cute, huh?


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Yes I do love the new animal fact sheets. Seen it since last year I think. Yes, I hope you do roll it out to everyone!! It's awesome!!

@Deleted IDK how to fix 'that.' I add the screenshots using the little camera icon. It is SO much easier for me. Plus, I can set the size and placement(s) of 'them.' sorry -_-

I was using the photo icon to upload.

@Deleted Okay, weird. Might I know what you are working on, please? (i.e., laptop/ desktop/ phone?) I'm using/ on a Dell Chromebook, and I see two ways to add photos/ screenshots. One is through the little camera icon (at the top with the other available formatting choices), while the other way is to add the photos/ screenshots to the "drag and drop here or browse files to attach" located just below the purple/ maroon bar. I've used the "drag and drop" way first and got the same result you did. THEN I found that camera icon was W-A-Y easier to use because they come up immediately. Perhaps, the result is different if you are using your cell phone? 

@Rae_Rae sorry my bad, I was thinking of another fourm I was using. I do see the upload and drag 

@Alyxe I noticed that the penguin fact sehet isnt there anymore. 


Strange. I see the other anials

@Rae_Rae Were you trying to send me something since I got a email about you replying to me.


I dont see the message

@Rae_Rae The image icon I was saying was from the not techcommunity. My bad, 


I am using the browesr files to attch option in techcommunity.



@Deleted I did, but then I deleted it because it became invalid. -.- *' It' was about the penguin attachment. For some reason, I got the same error message when I opened it the first time. I sent you a response. Deleted that response. Then opened the attachment again. It was then that I was able to see the penguin info. And everything was fine. Weird, though.