Exchange Hybrid - Change Tenant

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I'm working with 2 organisations currently who currently have separate AD forests, Exchange Hybrid and their own tenants. To facilitate better collaboration and management a decision has been made to migrate the users from one tenant into the other. We have identified the tools to sync the Office 365 mailboxes across to the new tenant and are aware of the requirements around Azure AD connect and the forest trusts etc. which are required to manage that aspect. I should add the on-premise AD domains will not be changing

What I am struggling to find details on is the process for changing the Exchange hybrid setup to use the new tenant and how that works with the targetaddress and proxyaddress parameter.

Is it simply a case of re-running the hybrid wizard and just connecting to the new tenant and the addresses will update themselves based on the updated email address policies, or will a step be required to adjust the target and proxy addresses outside of this process (such as by script)?  

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