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I'm new to Office 365 groups. I was looking for an alternative to a feature no longer available in Sharepoint Online i.e. Site and List Mailboxes.


Our Users are e-mail centric, and we need to have a "read-only" mailbox for external Users to send e-mails to us. e.g. we want a client's request to arrive at the service@ mailbox, and this should be read-only, so that any of the group members cannot delete these messages and that they can be retained as an audit trail if required.


Can I accomplish this with office 365 groups?

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No, not really. Groups are based on the "equal rights" principle, each member has similar permissions and you cannot restrict them from deleting messages for example. In your case, a Shared mailbox might be a better solution, as you can share the individual folders within it with "view-only" permissions.

If you use a shared mailbox, you could use Microsoft Flow (or Azure Logic Apps) to copy/move emails to a document library in SharePoint on arrival.

@Maarten Eekelsand @Vasil Michev Thank you both for your responses, very helpfull.


@Maarten Eekelswhile I've dabbled quite a bit with PowerApps, I find myself struggling with Flow and can only manage the simplest of Flows.

I've seen Flows that can copy attachments to a Sharepoint library, but did not see anything about moving the actual e-mail to a Sharepoint Library.


Any guidance on this would be most appreciated.

The actual e-mail is not (yet) possible unfortunately. You would have to copy the body and any other interesting metadata to a SharePoint list.

Not sure if that would be enough to act as an audit trail. On the other hand, the process description and the fact that the SharePoint list is read-only, could be enough.

@Maarten EekelsThanks. One of the reasons I need the body of the e-mail is that it'll contain a link to an external link.

A new option I'm exploring is an Online PDF product that can work with Flow, and convert e-mails to PDF, which using Flow can be "moved" to an SP library. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention the product so I'll refrain from mentioning it.