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Hello,  Can anyone please answer me?

I have a user who is trying to set up a "SharePoint (Private) group" using Teams and it looks like it is going to work.  I will give you the details but my main concern is the hidden issues (complications) that may arise that I just know about. If this really does work this is something that Microsoft could share with users. What the user did:

1.  User set up a TEAMS which created a private SharePoint location.

2.  User set up Channels (is there a limit on the number of channels that can be created?)

3.  Channels created a dedicated "folder" location in the SharePoint location.

4.  User added members to the Teams and gave them access to their own individual channels (owners & members).  This step  set their access in each folder of the SharePoint location through each Channel in Teams (Owner or Member).  If access was set up through SharePoint how would it look in Teams?


What I need to validate - Is it better to create individual/private Document libraries for each "channel/folder" that appears in the SharePoint location 

or create individual  SharePoint site for each channel which is a subdivision within the Top level TEAMS and as such only specific people can what they have access to.

What is the recommended/best practice?

What are the potential issues when working with SharePoint through Teams and vice versa.


Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Margie Kidd  (mkidd@csusm,edu)

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2) 200 channels per team + 30 additions private channels

4) did you create private channels or normal ones? Normal channels can be accessed by all users and creates a folder in the default library in the teams SP site! A private channel creates a separate SP site library which only members and owners of that channel have access to

With standard channels all users have access and I suggest not messing with SP permissions! Users with have an error in the files tab in teams if they don’t have access etc. instead you might add a SP library tab in teams for additional libraries!

Private channel permissions should be configured in Teams! If you add people to members and owner tab in SP it won’t sync to Teams and be reversed!

Since the file tab in teams can’t be pointed to another location just go with default, add members to the team and additional members and owners to the private channels.
If additional libraries is needed, feel free to create them and add them as a SharePoint tab