Send-as and Send-on-behalf of for groups in Outlook


We are excited to announce the ‘Send-as’ and Send-on-behalf of feature for groups in Outlook, which brings you one step closer to turning your email into a great customer support solution.

With the new ‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf of’ feature, members of the group can respond to conversations using the shared identity of the Group instead of their individual personal identity – without losing the personal, individual touch. Because sometimes, that’s just what you need.


In June 2016, we announced the 'send as' capability using PowerShell. With this update, IT Admins can now configure 'send as' and send-on-behalf-of permissions for groups in Outlook using the Exchange Admin Center. In addition, Office 365 Group members who have been granted send-as or send-on-behalf-of permissions, can send email as or on-behalf-of the group from within the group space in Outlook.


Sound like what your business needs? Learn how to turn it on:


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awesome lots of people were waiting for this.

I think I am interpreting this correctly, but you can only assign to individual specific people (kinda like shared mailboxes today).

You can't assign Send As, or Send On Behalf Of to the entire Group membership and have it update automatically if the Group changes?
Agree with Brent, this is the same kind of delegation we already had for shared mailboxes and any other inbox type in you have to choose the individuals you want to grant permissions to

Wasn't it already so with powershell?

Yes, we've been doing it for a while now (in testing), probably just hadn't been announced

Was it possible in powershell to configure the group itself as delegate, I mean?

My understanding is that the only thing that has changed is the possibility to configure delegates in EAC instead of (only) in powershell.


This is my understanding too...and as Brent says, this feature has been around for some time (First Release I guess)

Yup, the messaging is confusing (we can blame marketing talk), this has been around for a while. And no, you cannot use O365 groups to delegate access to all members of the group, they are still not recognized as valid recipient for that task. Mail enabled security groups do the trick though :)

HI there, my issue is using the O365 group to send to on-premise DL. this is Hybrid config....why do I have to upgrade my AZURE AD first to be able to do that? we have over 80 DL's on-prem and we can't migrate them, we can't convert them, but we're still using them. The O365 group is Cloud based, not helping me though

Hi, Not sure i understand your question completely, can you please clarify what you eman when you say you are trying to use a Group to send to on-prem DL?

Groups are in cloud - correct, and in a Hybrid environment, they will be written back to the on-prem side of the fence as a DL only if the tenant has AAD premium enabled with 'write-back' on. This capability to write back groups to the on-prem GAL is done by AAD Connect write back feature. Lack of this, on-prem users in Hybrid environment will not be able to view and resolve this group in their GAL.

If you are looking to upgrade your on-prem DLs to Groups, we'd be happy to help you with this. Please let us know