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I'm seeing some odd behaviour around creating groups and the modern sites which sees to have partially rolled out to me and wondering if anyone can shed some light on it?


On one of our existing groups when I click the tile/card in SharePoint it takes me to the groups Home Page, which is where I would expect it to take me. The URL shows


On groups I've created recently clicking on the SharePoint tile takes me to the documents folder here's an example:-

Any ideas how I can get the I-Transport Demo group (and others) to show the Home page from the tile. I can manually get to it by pasting the URL into the browser as shown below but obviously that won't work for end users.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I'm seeing also this and I think is due to the fact the rollout is not complete

Thanks Juan, if you're seeing it too then I'll be patient and wait for the rollout to complete. Appreciate the reply :)

Yeap, at least in two tenants I'm seeing this let's wait
I'm waiting as well, exactly the same...

Just to make sure I understand you correctly. If you go and create a new Group and then click on SharePoint tile for that group, you land on the group document folder instead of Homepage?


I don't think this is expected behavior. Adding @Tejas Mehta to comment and help.

Yes, I may confirm the same behavior
best response confirmed by Ian Walton (Occasional Contributor)

Hi everyone, as many of you suspect, the reason you don't yet see a redirection to the 'Home' page for the group's site is because the rollout for 'Groups get sites' is not yet complete.  We haven't done anything to explicitly hide the home page, which is why you can type the URL directly into the browser and see it currently.  Once we have rolled out the feature WW, the home page will be available and navigable by default for all group sites.


Thanks for the clarification Tejas.

Thanks for the update!
Does this mean we will be able to click on "Site Contents" and actually see the site contents and not be directed to the groups "document library" in a OneDrive like experience ?

Also when we click on a "document library" or "list" on the left side of the group navigation we will actually stay in the group site instead of being taken out to the OneDrive like experience?

Videos from MS ignite confirm this but all that the FR community has seen has been this odd behavior. This has confused so many of my FR users who are testing these new features and don't get the navigation.
Is it reasonable to expect that all these details would sort out by the end of the year? Trying to commit to a roadmap so would love to know if we expect modern team sites to ga this year

Hi Jesse,


I'm guessing things are still rolling out to us FR users.


I have Modern Pages and Team News on my tenant but still the odd behavior across SharePoint Sites and Groups. I have a partner demo tenant too, all the group accounts work correctly on that tenant, but the SharePoint sites still have odd behaviour.



After setting a modern page as the group's homepage, once you use the navigation menu on the left (to documents for example) you lose the navigation back to the home page it's the old style navigation view.


SharePoint Sites

Working much better but after adding a news page and content clicking on "See All" takes you to the old style home.aspx page it should show you all the news items on a single page.

It's working fine on groups though (Interestingly this behavior is also on my Partner Demo Tenant).


I think the problem is the FR stuff rolls out in bits and pieces so even though everything lights up and starts working things may still be rolling out. The problem is you don't have any clue where you are in the rollout process.


But great work by the SharePoint/Groups engineering teams, really looking forward to rolling this out to customers next year.