O365 groups with allow external senders to email this group

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Hello Everyone, 


Need help with a cmdlet or a script to get a report of all the O365 Private groups in the tenant

to show Display name, alias, managedby, accesstype  and (allow external senders to email this group )


not sure how to get the information of groups with the option - enabled to get emails from external senders 


This is how far i got 


Get-UnifiedGroup | Where-Object {$_.AccessType -eq 'Private'} | Sort-Object whencreated | Format-Table displayname, alias, managedby, accesstype, 


any suggestion on how do i get the list of groups with enabled to get emails from external senders 



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The attribute corresponding to the "allow external senders to email..." is called RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled.

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@jean090681 How about running this in EXO PowerShell - 

Get-UnifiedGroup -ResultSize Unlimited | Where-Object {$_.AccessType -eq 'Private'} | Sort-Object whencreated | Select displayname , alias , managedby , accesstype , RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled |Export-Csv path\groupinfo.csv


Cheers !

Ankit Shukla


@Vasil Michev  Thank you, was very helpful.