O365 Groups in hybrid scenario (exchange users)

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Actually I have a mixed mailbox configuration (50% on, 50% off) in my federated hybrid on-premise (Exchange 2013)/Office 365 architecture: is it possible (also in future implementation) to have an O365 Group with "mixed" mailbox account in the same domain?



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Hi Carlo,
Not that I tested it with an on prem account directly but your on prem mailbox users should be added to the mail users in O365 and in that scenarion they should be able to be a member of the O365 Group.
We currently have a hybrid implementation on Exchange as well and it works for us. Are there specific issues that you are running into?
Hi Mike,

Yes, it is possible to add to the group also user with on premise mailbox, but conversation and calendar team are non working: no Outlook groups function neither web portal. Also Planner is not enableb for on-premise mailboxe users. The group functionality are limited to document share :(
The on-premises users can also be subscribed to the group so that they receive all the conversations via email.