Microsoft 365 Groups rebranding update


In our April blog post, we announced that we were rebranding Office 365 Groups to be Microsoft 365 Groups. In August, we reported that the Microsoft 365 admin center, the Azure portal, Stream, Yammer, and Planner were updated with the new name. Concurrently with the service updates, we also updated the documentation on and to reflect the new name.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce that rebranding of Microsoft 365 Groups is nearly complete across Microsoft 365. Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, the My Apps portal, and the other admin centers (e.g., Exchange, Security, Compliance, etc.) within Microsoft 365 are now updated with the new name.


Below are some examples of these updates.


Group Type.png







 As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!


--The Microsoft 365 Groups team

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@Scott Schnoll Thanks for the update.


As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

Well, users in my tenant login to and see "Office 365" but when they create a SharePoint it says "Microsoft 365 Groups". This is confusing. I wish MS would hurry up and rationalize the nomenclature.