Delete, unshare, or hide an Office 365 Group's calendar

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I see that when creating an Office 365 Group that a calendar is also automatically created for that group and that it appears in the list of calendars for all members of the Group regardless of their follow status of the group.


My users would rather not have any calendars for Groups. How can I remove or hide them for the members of the Group?

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You cannot. Groups are a "package" deal, if you don't need/want any of the additional functionalities (Calendar, Planner, Site, etc), simply don't use Groups. A shared mailbox or a "traditional" DG is still a viable solution.

@Vasil Michev Thank you. The key attraction for us is simply having the mail box and the flexibility of the "following" or not. We can just ignore the calendar and other goodies.

Hi Vasil, we have established that if we create groups via Teams (e.g. new 'Team' by default creates O365 group) this does not have a group calendar automatically created, so not all groups are equal. Is there a way to change the functionalities of a Group once established? e.g. via Powershell commands.... remove shared calendar?
That's not true, every Team (or the underlying Group) comes with a calendar too. You simply don't see it in Outlook as Microsoft rolled out a change that "hides" the mailbox components by default. There is no way yet to provision just a specific component of a Group.
Hi, it was in my understanding that the Microsoft365 group calendars could be automatically visible (or not) according to the "HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled" parameter from the "Set-UnifiedGroup" cmdlet.
>set-UnifiedGroup -identity "M365-Group" -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$false
Appreciate this. I had just about resigned myself to telling a client they'd just have to deal with seeing extra, unwanted group calendars. Tested, and this works like a charm. Cheers.