Convert O356 Group to personal mailbox

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Im trying to convert a O365 group to a personal mailbox. 

I'll do it manually, because I know that there is no way to do this in Exchange Center.


My O365 group is I already created a personal mailbox named


So this is my plan:

  1. Migrate all the mails from the group to the personal mailbox
  2. Change group mailbox alias to 
  3. Change personal mailbox alias to

Do you think this is possible? is the best approach?

and finally, is there a way to send all the O365 old mails to the personal mailbox?


Thank you in advance and sorry about my english.



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Unfortunately there is not a "supported" way to do this so you will have to go ahead with your approach (I recommend you to test it first carefully to validate the procedure)...there was a similar discussion a while ago here with similar conclusions:

You will have to export the old messages manually, which is also a bit tricky for Groups as you cannot use the export functionality in Outlook. You either have to use some EWS-based tool or do an eDiscovery against the group, export the results to PST and import them to the new mailbox. Still a better approach than copying them all manually via OWA/Outlook :)

Thank you for your comment @Vasil Michev .


I was thinking in the next workaround: 


  1. Add (personal mailbox) as member of group client1. So I can see the historical conversation of group.
  2. Change (group) alias to
  3. Change domain of (personal) to
  4. Remove all members of the group except by



That's effectively just changing the group's email address. But if it suits your needs, go for it :)