Can't view files in Sharepoint but can see them in File Explorer

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I have copied some files across to SharePoint, in Office 365, using File Explorer but I can't see the files in SharePoint. When I open File Explorer in SharePoint the files are there, but they are not viewable in the SharePoint. Any ideas what the issue is please, I am familiar with SharePoint 2013 but not Office 365. Many thanks in advance.

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Make sure you are in the correct Plath in SP! Look at the URL..

Have you also tried to close the browser and log into SharePoint again! Could be some sort of cache/refresh browser issue

Many thanks for your reply Adam. We have set-up lots of sites and copied data into them in exactly the same way and this is the only one we have an issue with. But following your advice, I have rechecked and what is happening is, the SharePoint document library isn't showing any files, when you take the 'view in file explorer' option it is actually opening another view of SharePoint showing a library tab at the top of the page. When you click on the library tab and take the view in explorer option it then opens the file explorer window. Any idea what is happening please, this is going to be confusing for the site users? Thanks.

It isn’t some kind of view that’s showing! Still see no files if you choose view all under “views”

@adam deltinger I'm having the same issue but in reverse. I cant see files that exist in sharepoint online but not in local mapped file explorer.