Word JS API - Remove Alert when using openDocument API

Word JS API - Remove Alert when using openDocument API



 Dec 14 2023
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We are developing a Word addin with a side panel that need to open different documents.

When we use the openDocument API (this one) Word shows a pop-up alert message asking the user a confirmation to open the document.

With this idea we ask to develop a way to hide this message and do not show the pop-up every time. If this is not feasible for security reason, we ask to have at least an option to remember the user's choice and not show the dialog again for the same add-in.


In our solution the documents are organized in a tree structure and it is quite annoying that every time a user open a document from the tree structure (double click in the document name) then the alert appears. So this is not a very user-friendly solution for our product, as it interrupts the workflow and requires an extra click for each document.

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I have the same request for PowerPoint Mac.  I would the Mac to mimic Windows behavior.  On Windows, the user is alerted, but is provided an option to keep showing the message.  This option does not appear when opening a presentation on Mac.  The user is prompted each time.  





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Here's a screen shot of Windows behavior using URI Scheme ms-powerpoint:ofe|u|<URL>...




Provide this functionality on the Mac.