Two Quick Upgrades that would Radically Change PowerPoint

Two Quick Upgrades that would Radically Change PowerPoint



 Jun 27 2023

I humbly present two ideas that would be super easy to implement but that would make PowerPoint so much more relevant from an animation standpoint.


1. Animation: Make "Smooth Start / Smooth End" logarithmic instead of linear - change the animation easing in and out to be much more logarithmic (right now it reads very linear, even when you max it out); This is critical if we want to compete with products like Adobe Rush, Canva, and others who are offering simple animations for social.
Related: The MS-PPT template universe should also be expanded to have user-generated templates for all presentations and social media so that people can download and customize from a Microsoft-approved source easily (currently hard to find/browse) 

2. Parallax transition by layers; do a push transition (up down left right) that uses parallax so the top most layer is closest to us; allow at least three levels of layers (e.g., backgorund, slide objects, text on top) see canva presentation example at entitled "Purple and Black Simple Technology Keynote Presentation"- the transitions are spectacular. This is also great for things like timelines, for example, where you can zoom by the years in a moving pan across the screen.