Reply All to cross-post messages in Teams

Reply All to cross-post messages in Teams



 Apr 26 2021
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Need the ability to Reply to all channels in a cross-post message especially with Announcements. This feature can ease the storm of replies that come in if all the members of the team can view everyone's reply. 

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Any comments from the Teams Product Manager on whether this is on the roadmap.  It's quite a valuable feature given that cross posting is available and noting able to reply promotes silo'ing of conversations.


If anyone has tackled something like this with a Teams Azure Bot, please DM me as I'd be interested in a quick conversation.



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We really need this for our use case:

we have conversations about product issues for a particular customer. The original conversation is cross-posted to both the product channel (we have 5 total) and the customer's channel (we have 400+ customer channels) to alert the specific customer and product teams of the situation.

Therefore we'd like updates and comments on the original conversation from the customer and product teams to appear in both channels.
Having a 'Reply' control that is the current capability and something like a 'Reply to All' or 'Reply & Cross Post' option on the reply to the conversation would be really great.


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Really need this to control post overload in large teams

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This would be useful in our lab as we communicate instrument issues with client services and lab staff with potential outages. This would allow the current cross postings to see all of the replies instead of an admin passing along replies or calling the lab direct when services are back up. 

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Really discouraged to discover replies to my multichannel posts are not multi-channel.   
We have one large team with sub-teams.  Some Channels are restricted to specific members,
Some posts need to be seen in two or more channels.  But not all posts in the channel.

For example, the creative team needs to see the posts regarding their assigned work.  The assets team needs to see what's going on with assets.  When assets are archived, everyone needs to see it.  But discussion about the archiving process need not concern everyone.  

NEEDED :  One post threaded to multi-channels.