Outlook Event: Proper cancelled state

Outlook Event: Proper cancelled state



 Sep 22 2022

We would like Outlook events to have a proper cancelled state.

Currently the cancelled state represented by "isCancelled" is only a marker for guests, indicating that the organizer has deleted the event.

Similarly, the method event/cancel is only a "delete with message to guests".


We would like to be able to just set the state to cancelled, but keep the event for everyone.

It needs to be possible to communicate that the event will not take place while keeping potentially extensive event information (descriptions, participant lists, attachments...) available for future reference. It makes especially little sense, that the organizer is the only one who can not keep this data.

We are running event synchronization between our software and MS 365 and our users are confused because we cannot properly map our cancelled state due to the lack of such feature in MS365.
We have tried a few workarounds like setting "showAs" or prefixing subjects, but those are still quite confusing for users. A proper solution would be great.