Onenote page list with dates visible

Onenote page list with dates visible



 Oct 26 2022
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I'd love to be able to have creation/modify date visible in the Onenote pages list.

Best would be to be able to select whether or not the creation or last modified date is shown (in front of the page title on the left), and that you could also sort using either option.



PS. For those missing this feature: Opening the search results pane and selecting "sort by date modified" enables to list the pages almost like I suggested. This, however eats a lot of screen space and isn't very intuitive to use. 



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Whenever you create a new page/content by default OneNote creates the latest creation date along with timestamp. But let's take, if you have added a few notes on some other day or if you modified the actual content and if you want the timestamp to be displayed, for now the option is to navigate to "Insert" bar and choose options under "timestamp".