Office365 apps for Linux via Flatpak or Snap

Office365 apps for Linux via Flatpak or Snap



 Jul 09 2022
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I understand that one of the issues faced by software publishers is the issue of compiling so many versions for so many different Linux distributions.


Something that seems to have gained a lot of ground in the past few years are the use of flatpaks and snaps which allow installation of applications that contain everything they need, so no need for so many compiled versions in different package formats. 


I love the fact that I can use MS Teams and MS Edge on my preferred Linux distro, so having 365 Desktop apps would be amazing.



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flatpak and snaps packaging formats have now solved the packaging issue so there is no need technical barrier to distributing Office for Linux nowadays.


luckily, we have LibreOffice and OnlyOffice which both distribute Linux solutions.

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