Not able to debug Outlook Web add-in in new Outlook (Desktop)

Not able to debug Outlook Web add-in in new Outlook (Desktop)



 Aug 08 2023
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In current Outlook version (Desktop),


when opening our Outlook Web add-in, we can use "Inspect" option (by performing right click from the mouse) in the web add-in taskpane (right side pan) as below. BTW, our Outlook Web add-in is working fine in the current Desktop Outlook,




When opening the same Outlook Web add-in in New Outlook (Desktop),


Our Outlook Web add-in not working in the New Outlook (Desktop) and throwing some error and this "Inspect" element is not showing when we will do right click in the web add-in taskpane (right side pan) and we are not able to debug our Outlook Web add-in regarding what error/exception occur in our Outlook add-in,



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Hi all, any update on this request? We are not able to use our Outlook web add-in further in new Outlook. Please review this asap.

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We too are having this issue. It is very hard to debug Outlook apps in the new version of outlook when we can't see the inspect tools.

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Thanks for your timely response @daviddykstra, as I just learned of a solution for this last week directly from the Outlook dev team! With the New Outlook closed, run this from the command prompt window:

olk.exe --devtools

This will start the New Outlook with DevTools open and ready to go! This even provides the advantage of being able to see console output when a Task Pane or Office JS Dialog loads, where before you had to open it first, then launch DevTools, then refresh the page to reload the add-in again. However, if you close DevTools when you launch the New Outlook with this command, you will have to run the command again to bring back DevTools - but it will start a second instance of the New Outlook.


Hope this helps!

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As a side note, I've done all of my development against because it's much easier to debug. The smart alerts run in the same context as the outlook application, so you can easily set breakpoints on it.