New Class Notebook features

New Class Notebook features



 Jul 13 2023

Hi sorry for the long post, I'm a secondary ICT/media teacher who has used Teams/class notebook daily for 3 years now.  The following features would help enormously:


  1. Introduce 'lockable areas' e.g. so that teachers can distribute feedback within OneNote pages without students being able to edit or remove them. 
  2. Allow for renaming of students in class notebook e.g. they have a legal name change
  3. Allow class notebook name to update along with Team name when students move up a year, e.g. a 2-year KS4 course.  
  4. Automatically redistribute pages to students that fail on the first effort (happens often on larger class notebooks >100 students) or at the least list them alphabetically not randomly to aid the teacher to redistribute much quicker.
  5. Remove students' ability to unlock images set as the background.
  6. Introduce new, locked to student features such as checkboxes or the ability to 'overlay' task areas, so that tracking student progress becomes easier etc.

That's just a few off hand, honestly if anyone from MS ever reads this, give me a couple of hours with people who can make these sort of changes and I will show you what I've done so far and explain what teachers would need to be able to take class notebook forward!