More granualar calendar permissions (free/busy)

More granualar calendar permissions (free/busy)



 Jun 23 2021
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To get free/busy information from users calendars (calendar: getSchedule - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs), the API permissions Calendars.Read or Calendars.ReadWrite are required. Both allow quite a lot of access to the users calendars.

It would be great to have a more granular API permission just to read free/busy information. This would allow applications to help with meeting scheduling without exposing all calendar details.

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We would also live this addition for the same reasons.

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Are you certain that both are required? I only granted my application the Calendars.Read and I still get results.

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@ericcan one of the issues we were facing also with Calendars.Read was that it is also giving visibility into appointments that are set to "private". One of the reasons why I was asking for something more granular that would only give visibility into free/busy schedule

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Many O365 customers wish to provide access to calendars to 3rd parties but want to restrict specific actions such as access to attachments and meeting notes. a ".basic" permission is read only but 3rd parties need readwrite but with more granular restrictions. 


I'm looking for exactly the same thing. More in line with what @jhilderbrando mentioned above so that I can give a 3rd party application access to free/busy time and not all the potential private info in every calendar item.

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Getting just the availability view information (and not the calendar events as well) is exactly what I would like too. In addition to the privacy issues, the network load is unnecessary for my purposes, as I don't need the entire calendar detail. @sebastianheil I should have read your original post more carefully. I agree that a more restricted permission--in addition to the option to just get the availabilityView--would be a great addition.