Graph API Presence should support Application permissions

Graph API Presence should support Application permissions



 Apr 16 2021
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Currently only delegated user permissions are supported, and this is very sub-optimal for bots and service applications that need to monitor Teams presence of users.



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Agreed.  Also needs the ability to set presence.


Set presence is being worked on for app-only scenarios.

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@Darrel Miller does your comment imply that only set presence will be available with app permissions or will get be available too?


@DanielArkley The former.  Please tell us the scenarios that app-only get would enable so that I can share with the team that owns this API.

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@Darrel Miller  there are so many uses for app-only presence retrieval!


  • show presence of Teams users in other UC applications from other vendors 
  • show and log presence changes in line-of-business applications 
  • collate presence of many users to create in/out boards
  • use presence to route support tickets for triage to users who are “online” and “available”

Fundamentally, all the same reasons that make it useful for application permissions to be able to access the Microsoft Graph apply to Teams presence too. We have specific use cases where we’d like to show Teams presence in our employee directory, and we want to replicate Teams presence into our on-premise PBX. 

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