Google Analytics 4 in Web Office

Google Analytics 4 in Web Office



 Jan 19 2024
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We have implemented Google Analytics 4 in our MS Add-in using Google Tag Manager.
It works fine on DESKTOP Office apps. As soon as we load the add-in in desktop Excel for example, the requests to Google Analytics are triggered tracking user usage and custom events.
However, on WEB Office web none of the requests related to Google Analytics are being triggered.
There is nothing related to it in Network, not even blocked requests.
We first used React-Ga4 library and we had the same issue. We switched to Google Tag Manager but the issue remains.

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We are also facing the same issue. Is there any update on this?

Along with the issue mentioned in above comment, we have also observed below things:

1. When we use Tag assistant preview mode, we can see the GTM events are triggered in Tag assistant.

2. GA Events are stored in Datawarehouse however, those are not reflecting on Google Analytics reports.

Thanks in advance!


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No updates on our side with this issue yet, GA and GTM continue to fail on Web Office.
Please, let us know if you could solve it.

Thank you!