Customize default task pane width for Excel add-ins

Customize default task pane width for Excel add-ins



 Mar 11 2022
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The default width of the task pane in Office add-ins is quite small, making styling difficult when you want to display more content in it. At a 1366x768 resolution, for Excel desktop the width of the task pane is 320 pixels.
It would be nice if we could customize the default width of the task pane from the manifest or via the Office JS API.

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Great idea, it will be nice to have the same feature also for Word addin.

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There's even a manifest entry all ready and waiting to be used: RequestedWidth element in the manifest file - Office Add-ins | Microsoft Learn It "just" needs to be supported for task panes.

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It'll be very helpful to have it! 

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It would be nice to allow setting a fixed Width or minimum/max width for the taskpane.

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There is no doubt this would be a huge benefit! We have to manually adjust the width of a Microsoft add-in each time we launch it. Why not just let the user/developer set the default width that is ideal? 


This would be a great addition for our users to not have to resize the task pane every time that they open the add-in.

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That would be nice for all Office apps! Please, do it! It's very annoying resizing the taskpanes all the time...