Can't sideload Add-in to new Outlook for Windows

Can't sideload Add-in to new Outlook for Windows



 Mar 19 2024
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I am currently experiencing an issue with displaying an add-in on the new Outlook for Windows, even though I have successfully sideloaded the add-in. However, the add-in is not appearing on the Outlook interface. Surprisingly, it is being displayed correctly when using Outlook on the web.
Previously, when the "Get Add-in" button was available in new Outlook for Windows, I was able to sideload add-ins without any problems. However, in the current version of Outlook for Windows, the "Get Add-in" button is no longer present. As a result, I am required to sideload add-ins through the web version in order to synchronize them with Outlook for Windows.

I would like to inquire about any possible solutions to address this problem on Outlook for Windows. Thank you!

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Please help me. Thanks a lot