AutoOpen Outlook web add-in task pane functionally

AutoOpen Outlook web add-in task pane functionally



 Jun 25 2023
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We are using OnMessageSend LaunchEvent and we are trying to open web add-in when OnMessageSend Event fired but we are not able to open outlook add-in task pane functionally.


AutoOpen feature is still not available in outlook web add-in.


Please also check raised git ticket as below-


Please consider this feature when you go through the planning process.



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I'm looking for functionality to autoOpen add-in panel when "OnNewMessageCompose" event is firing. Are you requesting something similar?

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Hi, this makes lots of sense. An action would trigger a check of sorts (weekday? weekend? is this the first email i'm sending today, etc etc...) and based on that we might want to show the taskpane (or not). The option to display the taskbar on event driven should be there (optionally).


If you allow me to run code on event driven actions, how showing or not showing the task-pane makes that difference?