Allow .msg file export through JS add-in API in Outlook-Desktop

Allow .msg file export through JS add-in API in Outlook-Desktop



 Jun 29 2022
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I'd like to create an add-in which create a .msg file of an email and sends it to a remote server for archival purposes.
Outlook already can create .msg files through the "Save as..." dialog but this functionality is not exposed to the Office API.

I could access all relevant information through the API and create an .eml file for example (or use EWS/graph-API for that), but I'd prefer to leverage the existing outlook functionality.


I suggest a method "getMsgFileAsync( options: Office.AsyncContextOptions, callback?: (asyncResult: Office.AsyncResult<ArrayBuffer>) => void): void" on the "Office.context.mailbox.item" object.

As far as permissions go, "ItemRead" should suffice.

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Any chance on a comment on this one?

Is this possible or is it something that the Office API will never look to support?


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I am also interested in this topic.

It would be a great feature to have because it would make it so much easier to create an EML and send to a 3rd party server. We always struggle implementing this, because we must support this on every platform and there are lot of code challanges on different platforms.

Also it would be great to have this possibility on compose sidebar as well while composing an email.