Allow addition of members to mail-enabled security groups via Graph API

Allow addition of members to mail-enabled security groups via Graph API



 Nov 18 2021
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Previously one could add members to mail-enabled security groups via Graph API. But turns out that was a bug, and it was fixed some weeks ago removing this functionality. Would it be possible to allow add-remove of members in mail-enabled security groups via Graph API?

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That would be very useful indeed - and if would allow us to do it withing PowerAutomate as well like before.

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Thanks for raising this topic, @rakhesh!
I would also appreciate enabling management of memberships for distribution lists again! I had been using Graph API for this purpose for months until it suddenly stopped working.

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Used this in multiple flows which are now broken. Would really like to get this back.

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This and we also need the ability to manage standard distribution lists.

Currently considering converting hundreds of distribution lists to 365 groups just to be able to manage them again.

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1+ for this.


I have an Automation Account PowerShell script that uses Microsoft.Graph to automate the task of adding group membership from one or multiple source groups, to one given destination group. This makes it easy to automate group membership based on a mix of group types and dynamic rules.

  • Permissions is currently Run As account, with additional Microsoft.Graph permissions given to the app registration.
  • Input variables is group object ids only. So for every new scenario I just add a new schedule to this one Automation Account runbook. :)


Latest "mission" is to automate calendar permissions using a dynamic user group as source, and a mail enabled security group as destination (for group members). Where destination group is given calendar permissions.


But would you know it, adding group members to a mail enabled security group is not possible with Microsoft Graph. Too bad. Would you be so kind, Microsoft, to add this capability to the Microsoft Graph API?

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Hi all ... +1. This is a feature that would be great - Microsoft, Please add the functionality of managing mail enabled security groups via the MS Graph API. Thank you

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Seems Microsoft is hesitant to allow the Graph API to action anything in the Exchange workload, as there are no meaningful Power Auto triggers or actions available for that service.  You have to do everything using PS via Azure Automation actions.  It's not terrible, but seems unnecessary.


Why can't we use PowerAuto to manage Exchange mailbox properties and mail enabled groups?  I really cannot justify junking up the list of M365 Groups to include one for every mail+security group in the domain.

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Hi all. I wonder if there is an progress on this from Microsoft? Or if there is any workaround? Thank you

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This feature will be very helpful for our Identity Management project. Thank you.

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Please bring this feature to mange distro/security groups back into the Graph API. I have tons of scripts that I am having to use really janky workarounds which are not idea. Thanks!