Add support for themeColor property in Excel

Add support for themeColor property in Excel



 Nov 02 2022
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Please add support for themeColor property as in VBA for excel javascript api.

Currently, excel javascript api only allows color property which uses hex code as input.

Without themeColor property, the user cannot easily change the applied color for border, font, fill and etc. 


This is needed because companies like PwC uses more than one theme or color palette to choose from. Depending on the project, user has to be able to change the color palette and thus change the entire color instantly without manually changing the color. This is not possible in the current excel javascript api as the color is fixed using color property.


With themeColor property in place, user will be able to switch colors easily

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We really need this. It is really time consuming to manually change colors when it can be done just by changing the color palette. This will make our lives much easier

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This is a must. The right way to work with large documents is by using themes.

"Themes" are a concept that was originally introduced in 2007 and broadly encouraged by Microsoft.

It is a surprise for me that the entire range of Office APIs doesn't even know what an "accent" is.