Add-in activation on appointment delete

Add-in activation on appointment delete



 May 03 2022
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Provide the means to activate the add-in when an appointment gets deleted. This could be called OnAppointmentDeleted.




Having an external system that keeps track of some appointments and needs to be synchronised. The outlook calendar has data ownership and is the source of truth.


  • Video Conferencing System
  • Appointment Scheduling System
  • Appointment planing tools

Note: Please also support this event (and all the others) on outlook MacOS.

Brass Contributor

While OnAppointmentSend is useful, we also need an OnAppointmentDelete event. It's possible that the user will interact with our Outlook Add-In and then change their mind and click the Delete icon rather than the Save/Send icon. Because our Add-In may have updated data in our backend systems, we need to know to back-out any changes.

If the user clicks Delete after creating the event, Webhook notifications generally will suffice in handling data issues, but there can be some cases where the user needs to take additional action when they delete a meeting and the UX is cleaner if that can be surfaced at the Delete button click time rather than via an e-mail that shows up some minutes later when Webhook processing completes.