Add a property for the external or guest users email addess on CallRecord

Add a property for the external or guest users email addess on CallRecord



 May 06 2021
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This was opened by Darren Taylor on the Microsoft Graph UserVoice site and it did gather 19 votes there as can be seen here.


This is the original text:


We wish to automate linking call/meetings held on teams to a CRM, we can get a call data via:


But if a participant is an external user, or guest a tenant/or random ID is shown - but I cannot see any way to lookup who this was.. as their data is on an external tenant or they were a guest.


Adding an email property here would allow us to link to participants to customer records by email giving us invaluable interaction data that we used to have when using a standard phone system to hold conferences/meetings.


Basically, if we can see the external user's name/sip while in the Teams meeting, this should also be available through the Graph API. "External User" and the Guid are of no use.

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Hello Edgar81. Have you been able to find a solution for this? We are trying to collect this data for ourselves as well. We tried powershell and GraphAPI to collect Teams conference data but cannot see any details at all for users from other tenants.

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Hi palezvar. Unfortunately, we found no solution. That's why we voted for this idea. Too bad it didn't prove to be very popular. It's been almost a year and only 25 votes...

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This would be very much needed for us. We have several customers which are interested in the question to whom they have most contact which is currently not possible. As more and more people are using Teams, the data gets worse. You can track normal Phone Numbers, but not external Teams Users. As you call more and more users over Teams and not by their Phone Number, you get less information. This is does not make sense to me and limits the scope of the API a lot.