Ability to update or create an event without sending a notification email to attendees

Ability to update or create an event without sending a notification email to attendees



 May 07 2021
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Each time a new event is created or updated in Microsoft Graph API, a notification email is sent to the attendees.


We use Microsoft Graph to sync calendar event between our software and Outlook calendar. We'd like to be able to create or update an event with Microsoft Graph without having an email sent to attendees, for example when we sync past events, or when the attendees are notified by other means.


There should be an option to create or update an event without sending email.

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Any news on that topic?

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This is a huge issue for my organization. Are there any timelines for when this will be resolved? 

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+1 to this. We update event descriptions with URLs to meeting notes when they become available, but this isn't a change that anyone needs to be notified about. This causes confusion and annoys people because of the unnecessary emails. Would love to be able to specify when emails should go out like we can with other calendar providers.

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This would be highly appreciated feature! Updating the description of an event or adding participants to a bigger event creates a huge amount of unnecessary email notifications. Users are annoyed even though we are transferring those notifications directly to deleted items-box.


We are using a separate sync account: If this would decrease also the amount of messages travelling through this account, we wouldn't have so many troubles with exceeding the 10.000 messages per day limit.


Hope this feature would come soon!