Endpoint DLP - Monitoring HTTP Posts or data pasted into web browsers

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Currently testing out Endpoint DLP.  I've onboarded a machine into Purview and setup some test policies.  I'm able to detect files matching DLP policies being uploaded to a website.  Is there any way to monitor data being entered into a form on a website?   For example, say I typed or pasted in some SSNs into a web form and hit submit.  Is there any way to monitor for that using Endpoint DLP?  I've previously used Forcepoint DLP Endpoint, and it is able to do that, to inspect HTTP(S) POST data before it is transmitted (via browser extension).

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Hey, thanks for reaching out! This is a known behavior, and we are looking into addressing it in future releases - stay tuned!
Hey JOE , I have tested it is possible against endpoint clipboard but only if we copied some content from the classified file and past its content, I hope you must have cleared your doubt already.
need to know if we can create rule to block specific file based on the content we have classified and if someone tries to upload such a file to web via any medium of site like DLP test website,whatsapp,file hippo etc.

I have gone through the MCAS option I found it complicated.