Visually represent your Azure architecture using the latest shapes in Visio for the web
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An accurate infrastructure diagram is invaluable to your IT team. It can be used by cloud architects to redesign the existing cloud infrastructure, DevOps engineers responsible for implementing that design, or project managers to ensure the rollout has been executed according to the scope.


We introduced Azure shapes in Visio about two years ago. Today, we are excited to announce more than 250 of the latest Azure shapes are available in Visio for the web. These refreshed icons are better aligned with the Microsoft Fluent design and let you create IT diagrams that accurately represent modern cloud services, tools, and frameworks from Azure.


You can use Visio for the web to build Azure diagrams for network topologies, virtual machine configurations, operations, and more. These provide a means of clearly documenting the existing infrastructure for clarity and help visualize various service interactions. For example, you can build a diagram showing how to configure infrastructure for development and testing of a standard PaaS-style system that leverages Azure DevOps, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cache Redis and Application insights service. By sharing diagrams like this among your team, everyone is on the same page for executing concepts. Detailed Azure diagrams can also serve as roadmaps for scaling and managing your Azure network as it grows with your business.


azure final.PNG

Azure diagram representing Dev-test deployment for PaaS solutions


There are 18 shape sets in all, including Azure AI and Machine Learning, Azure App Services, Azure Compute, Azure Containers, Azure Databases, Azure General, Azure IoT, Azure Identity, Azure Integration, Azure Management & Governance, Azure Analytics, Azure Migrate, Azure Networking, Azure Security, Azure Storage, Azure Other, and Microsoft Product Icons.


stencils final.JPG


To help you get started easily, we have provided a few starter diagrams using various Azure services. Visit, select the preferred diagram template, and start visualizing your Azure infrastructure. Our support page provides even more details on how to create your Azure diagrams.


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For questions or feedback regarding Visio Azure templates and other features, please email us at Keep visiting the Visio Tech Community, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on the latest Visio releases.

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