Visio Online Public Preview : Easily Create Diagrams Online with Quick Shape, Infinite Canvas , Richer Content, and much more
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First published on MSDN on Sep, 13 2017
In July this year, we announced Visio Online Public Preview which allows you to create, edit and share diagrams in your favorite browser. We have been actively listening to your feedback and are now pleased to announce that we are bringing more capabilities to Visio Online Public Preview. 1. Ease of Creation: Now create diagrams more fluently with the help of Quick Shapes. Just hover over the arrows near your shape and you will see the quick shapes panel. Click on the shape of your choice to auto-connect with your existing shape. Moreover, you need not worry about alignment of your shapes you can use smart guides which will assist you in aligning your shapes. We have added capability that will enable you to even change connector types. You can change connector types to suit your needs from straight to curved or even right angled and vice - versa. 2. Improved Content Discovery: We have added more shapes to the Visio Online public preview. You can either click on "+" sign on the left side of shape panel or search for desired shapes using the search-box above shape panel. You can also add pictures to your professional diagrams by using Insert in the ribbon and selecting either "Add a picture from your device" or "Find and Add a picture from web" option. 3. Enhanced Canvas: Visio Online public preview now supports infinite canvas and multi-page. Just drag-drop and a shape on the edge or outside the canvas and you will notice that Visio Online canvas gets expanded automatically. 4. Create Beautiful Diagrams: We have added Themes, Shape, and Text formatting to make sure that your professional diagrams look even more polished and beautiful. 5. Increased Language Support and Accessibility: Visio Online supports 26 languages so that your Visio diagramming experience doesn’t get limited by barriers of language. Moreover, we have added an accessibility checker to help you create diagrams that are accessibility ready Learn more to Create your First Visio Online diagram and How to enable Visio Online Public Preview . We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Visio and invite you to send us your ideas through our UserVoice site. For questions about Visio Online and other features, please email us at . Lastly, you can follow us on Facebook , YouTube , and Twitter for the latest Visio news. — The Visio Team

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is this public preview free? A. Yes. You can use Visio Online creation and editing capabilities for free for SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business until it is generally available. At that time, you can continue to view diagrams through Visio Online for free, but the creation and editing will be paid offerings. Q. Does my company need a Microsoft license to use Visio Online? A. Yes. Since Visio Online relies on SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, you or your organization will need an Office 365 license to use Visio Online during Public Preview.

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