Updated Rewrite Suggestions in Microsoft Word – sentence-level writing suggestions
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When you know what you want to say but can’t seem to find the “right” way to say it, Rewrite Suggestions in Word can offer ideas to help you rephrase sentences for more impact or clarity while staying true to your original meaning.

At the 2019 Microsoft Build conference we announced the feature Rewrite suggestions, which focuses on phrasal suggestions. We are now introducing an update to this feature, which provides sentence-level writing suggestions.

This feature is powered by cutting-edge, neural-network, machine learning models, which are trained on millions of sentences.


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How it works

Select a sentence, or right-click in a sentence, and you will find Rewrite Suggestions in the context menu.


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A rewrite suggestion card shows up near your sentence. It offers different of types of suggestions:

Improves fluency: These suggestions aim to improve the flow of the wording, including mechanics like grammar and spelling.

Concise phrasing: The goal of these suggestions is to express an idea clearly, without extra words.
Paraphrased sentence: These suggestions offer synonyms for alternative wording.

Improves readability: The goal of these suggestions is to make the writing easier to read for people with different reading abilities. In general, suggestions will include shorter, simpler wording.

In each of the suggestions, the range of text containing all the changes is highlighted in purple.
You may not see all categories of suggestions for a sentence, and sometimes there may be no suggestion as your sentence is good enough.


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Your feedback on the suggestions helps us improve the feature. Click Give feedback below the suggestions, and then choose the suggestion you want to tell us about.


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The feature is available for users of Word on the web, and it requires a Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) subscription.

This feature only supports English for now.

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