Teams is coming to Office 365 Business & Office 365 ProPlus monthly

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As the communication and collaboration hub in Microsoft 365, Teams is now in use in more than 500,000 organizations. So far, Teams has been included in new Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 ProPlus monthly installations with positive customer feedback. Now, we’re including Teams in the Monthly builds for existing installations 


Starting on July 9, 2019, Click-to-Run will install the Teams client for all PCs on the monthly channel, and starting January 14, 2020 on the semi-annual channel, and the client will update itself regularly from that point onward. This will be a gradual rollout over several weeks, so not all existing installations will immediately get Teams added when Office is updated. 


Since everyone in the organization needs to communicate and collaborate, it’s important to make Teams available to all end users. If you have devices on multiple update channels, you can proactively add Teams to all your devices. We’ve published guidance to help you plan your rollout here 


While we strongly encourage customers to adopt Teams, we also want to enable them to deploy at their own pace. If they wish to exclude Teams from your installation or disable auto-start on user PCs, they are fully in control.  Teams starts automatically by default. If you decide to change this behavior, you must do it before Teams is deployed.  You can find guidance on deploying Teams as a part of Office 365 ProPlus here. 


Thank you for coming with us on the Microsoft 365 journey and be sure let us know your feedback on Teams and the installation process. 



Great stuff, here is my blog summary of some of the key details:



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Our company is not using Teams. But we are on the Monthly channel. We had issues recently with Teams client being installed when doing online repair due some issues after the updates. I wonder if new admx and GPO setting could help avoiding that.

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So if I am on the 1808 Semi-Annual Channel, will teams be installed during the 1902/July 2019 update install?  Or will it only be installed with new installs of Semi-Annual Channel 1902?

Since Teams is included in new installations for version 1902 (Build 11328.20368) or later of Semi- Annnual Channel or Semi Annual Channel (Targeted), I am utilizing the GPO to prevent auto launch.  My issue now is will there be a solution to PREVENT the desktop shortcut icon that is created?  Need this fast before deploying!


 Are there any changes to which O365 Seats PHONE SYSTEM can be bundled with? Obviously, now we are limited to E1/3/5 for customers who need Phone System for PSTN with Teams. Will this change and include other lessor O365 seats to accommodate more SMB's? @Disha Rustogi 



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I have joined this annoying site to say, that this is very unwelcome news.


We have done everything we can to disable and uninstall all of your "Extra features." While we have 365 E3 licenses, the only applications we want are Excel, Word and Outlook. We have absolutely zero interest in any more bloat-ware or distractions for our staff. If we weren't forced to use your products by our industry sector software being dependant on them, we would have moved away from your products and services entirely as a company.


At home, I am now a Linux user. Your decisions since the launch of Vista have given me cause to be extremely Microsoft adverse. I don't love Linux. I just hate MS products enough to be pushed away from them.

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As politely as possible: We do not want MS Teams. Please make sure it is only an opt-in feature.


Double post because this site works so well and it looked like the one above was deleted.

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