Take Care of Your Scheduling Needs with Microsoft Bookings and Scheduler in Microsoft 365
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The digital intensity of workers’ days has increased substantially with the average number of meetings and chats steadily increasing since last year (source: The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work). We want to make it easier to manage the volume of meetings while also continuing to drive key touchpoints with colleagues or customers. See how in our skilling session.


Two new features planned for launch will be key to this goal:


  1. Scheduler will be launching dynamic recurring meetings. Where recurring meetings are scheduled one event at a time to work around your availability at the frequency of your choosing.
  2. Microsoft Bookings is planning to help you understand if your customers are booking from Bookings links included in your digital marketing materials.


Scheduler on Dynamic Recurring Meetings


Scheduler’s goal is to reduce the amount of time and back and forth when scheduling meetings.


Scheduler has enabled users to leverage a virtual assistant using natural language to set up meetings and focus time. Now, with the latest update your virtual assistant can set up dynamic recurring meetings. Scheduler’s dynamic recurring meetings work around the user’s busy schedule. Recurring meetings managed by Scheduler behave differently than traditional recurring meetings in Outlook. To keep your future calendar open and minimize conflicts with attendees, Scheduler will schedule one event of a recurring meeting at a time.


How to use dynamic recurring meetings in Scheduler: Simply send an email to the meeting attendee and copy Cortana. Ask Cortana to set up a meeting at whatever recurrence is preferred. Cortana will process the request and send.


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Microsoft Bookings Conversion Tracking


Bookings' goal is to ease the hassle of scheduling and managing appointments. Bookings is a product that your organization can use to book appointments with internal or external attendees. Simply share a link to a Bookings calendar and recipients can pick an available slot. Bookings plans to allow customers with a Bookings calendar to track digital campaign conversion.


How to track conversion in Bookings: Customers will be able to append an ID to the Bookings calendar link. If the link is clicked on and a user books a service through that link, the ID will be passed and included in the export data available.


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